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Reserve now! Prices shown are for the reservation deposit. 

Producers, Patrons, and service veterans get 50% off any rally!

Become an eveRide Producer, support free videos, and get massive rally discounts for as little as $1 a month!

See Frequently Asked Questions about Rallies.

Rallies and Rides


I greatly appreciate those who serve the United States and her allies. If you currently serve or have served as military, police, fire, EMT, or as a full time teacher, please let us know when you reserve for a massive 50% discount on Rallies!

Six broken ankles (dang skateboarding!), chronic kidney stones (dang sugar!), and GI issues kept me from military service, so I initially started my career as a special education teacher. During my time in the classroom and through close friendships with police officers, EMT workers, and veterans, I learned that these professions require an enormous amount of sacrifice. If you have served in the United States or in an allied country, I'm honored to ride with you, treat you like moto royalty, and serve you in this small way.

THANK YOU and MUCH LOVE for your very appreciated service!



Some have called it dual sport Mecca. Others call it adventure motorcycling paradise. Many recognize it as the last remnant of the American Wild West. To me, it's the badlands. It's my back yard. It's my home.

For the last six years I've explored this red rock playground, and I still manage to find new trails nearly every ride. From desert cliffside vistas to vast plains to trenches so narrow they scrape your handlebars, the badlands of Southwest Utah are filled with amazing, wide-open terrain. 

Join me in the badlands for unforgettable dual sport adventure motorcycling on empty, unnamed trails straight out of a John Wayne flick. Explore ancient petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, and natural wonders carved by millions of years of wind, water, and volcanic devastation. Enjoy excellent food and laid back camaraderie at the one and only Moto Mansion. And capture it all in beautiful 4k through my personal style of adventure videography from the ground, on the move, and in the sky.

You can do this. So do this.

Hang with me and up to five other adventurers in this 2200 square-foot man-cave of adventure motorcycle justice. Massage chair: check. 110" HD Movie screen: yes. More gaming systems and movies than you can shake a stick at: got 'em. Bumpathumpin' 5.1 sound system: aww yeah. Full garage with TV, lift, and tools: mm-hmm. A hot tub big enough that you don't have to man-snuggle with a fellow rider's hairy shoulders: nailed it. Weird cat/moto themed decor: yep. And that's just the man-cavey stuff.


It's also got a full kitchen stocked with the snacks, drinks, and breakfast noms you and your buddies request. And let's be honest, after these rides are over you're going to smell like a rabid badger soaked in gasoline, wrapped in rubbish, 

and stuffed in a gym locker, so we've got you covered with a bidet, double-head shower, full laundry, three rooms, and eight of the most comfy memory foam mattresses ever imported from China.

It's not as hardcore as camping, but with the rides we do you're going to want a massage, a soak in a hot tub, and a good bed. It's not as glam as the Ritz, but it's got a toilet, a shower, and it's about 5 minutes from some of the best trails in the world, so... you know... it'll do.

So come down, ride hard, relax harder, and experience the badlands in comfort.

Book your ultimate badlands adventure now.



Everybody knows that you can sleep on the ground, eat ramen, and poop in the dirt for the cheapest motorcycle trip possible. You can google a map of the area and gamble on the internet to tell you what trails are safe, what trails actually exist after flash flooding, and what trails are worth riding. Or you can go with a local expert who has spent years finding the best trails, and guarantee that you'll spend 100% of your hard-earned time off riding amazing trails instead of looking for them.  


As a budget-minded rider, I don't want to pitch anything that I couldn't justify buying for myself. So I want to make it an amazing experience, far from the cattle-drive cram-em-ins that can cost five times as much. Groups are limited to six riders at the most, so dust is minimized and the group has a very personal feel. I also get to know each rider, and take time to film every rider on their adventure. There is literally nothing else like it.


These film rallies are mainly to reward patrons and producers of my videos, so I don't host very many of them, I only accept a handful of riders at a time, and I give a huge discount to the awesome patrons and producers who support my video creations. Anybody can get the discount if they become a producer/patron.

So what do you get when you book an eveRide Rally?

  • Professional Everide Adventure Videography and Photography Services:

    • Aerial, on-ground, and on-the-move footage of your adventures, shot in glorious 4k or 2.7k.​

    • A limited edition eveRide Rally T shirt.

    • 12-way headset communicator rental.

      • Pre-synced and clip-on for a hassle-free experience, so you can communicate with everybody in the group.

    • A pair of comfort fit, sound isolating earbuds for you to use with the headsets and keep after the rally.


      • Lunches and dinners at St. George's best restaurants, the locals' favorite "dives", and incredible home-cooking by Mrs. Everide.

      • All the snacks, coffee, soft drinks, and trail munchies you request. 

      • As much breakfast food as you want to cook up!


What's not included in the cost, but you get as my personal guest*:

  • Riding to unmapped, local-knowledge trails, tailor-made to the group's riding styles, goals, and preferences... to get the best footage possible of your badlands adventure!

  • Free nights at the Moto Mansion, which features:

    • A full, secure garage with a lift, tools, TV, and sound system.

    • A full laundry room with soap, cleaners, and fabric softener included.

    • A full kitchen and full-sized fridge stocked with breakfast goodies and the aforementioned snacks.

    • A ridiculously awesome massage chair with hundreds of settings.

    • A six-person 45-jet hot tub spa for relaxing after a gnarly day's ride.

    • A 110" HD Theater screen with a back-up 75 inch 4k TV, 5.1 Surround Sound.

    • Three rooms, two with two twins (or one king on request), the other with two full beds and two twin beds on bunks.

    • Memory foam mattresses.

    • Sound machines for noise reduction.

    • A double-headed shower.

    • A refreshing bidet.

    • Amazing views!

    • Please note that you will be sharing a bathroom and bunking with up to 5 other rally attendees.

  • In-town shuttle for groceries, dinners, airport shuttle drop offs, and miscellaneous shopping trips.

  • Unlimited man hugs from a guy with ADD who rides dual sports slowly on the internet.

So yes... for all that moto goodness it's going to cost more than sleeping in the dirt, looking for decent trails on a phone, and and eating ramen. ;)

"From editing the videos to the maid-service at the Moto Mansion who cleans body hair out of the shower drain, to the poor sucker on the other side of the keyboard feverishly trying to juggle thousands of messages and comments... the force behind everything eveRide is just one guy and his extremely dedicated wife."

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2. Simply watch and enjoy the videos. YouTube runs ads on my videos, and I get paid about $0.02 cents for each 100 views, but it does add up! If you want to go the extra mile, like the videos, share on social media, and make sure to subscribe. Also, it helps immensely when you watch my playlists!

3. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook. The more followers I have across these accounts, the better opportunities I have with sponsors.

4. Buy something from a sponsored video, then let the sponsor know your purchase was influenced by my recommendation in a review on their website. This builds trust with the awesome companies that support independent publications like eveRide.

Now the ways to contribute for crazy people who like to give money to strangers on the internet ;)

5. Pick up some eveRide swag from my Amazon storefront. T-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies coming soon in fan favorite designs and logos! Remember, if you become a Patron or Monthly Contributor, you'll get special links to get all this swag at cost!

eveRide ADV T Shirts

6. Become a monthly contributor, aka Producer, aka "Executive Gentleducer". While I like being paid per cinematic video because it's keeps me working hard, Patreon takes roughly 15% of my patrons for themselves! Patreon has been great for funding cinematics, but that means I neglect other, simpler videos like motovlogs, raw adventures, "garage" videos, or short product reviews and information videos. By contributing here, less money goes to fees and more money goes towards equipment, camera gear, parts, and resources to produce genuine content. This also allows me to be a little more flexible, and is an easier system for creating long-form content (movies), adventure series, and other projects that require more time than the standard video. If you enjoy a variety of cinematic videos, motovlogs, real adventures, and old-school eveRide videos, this is the best way to contribute.

All monthly contributors also get priority messaging, access to special links to buy eveRide merchandise at cost, access to a private, member's only Facebook group, and a whopping 50% off Rallies!

7. Join me in Southern Utah for a Rally! It's the most awesome way to support this venture, and easily the best perk for you! While I love the messages and comments from patrons and subscribers, nothing comes close to meeting great people in person then shredding some of my favorite trails during a dual sport adventure in the badlands.


Not only that, but rallies are an insane value. Under $200 per day gets you eveRide videography, shot in glorious 4k* with front and rear facing GoPro Hero 9 Helmet Cameras, on the ground with the Panasonic Lumix GH5, and in the air with the DJI Mini 2, Skydio 2, and latest FPV drone tech.


As a personal friend and guest, you'll also get free digs at the Moto Mansion. I'll cover all your meals (either at the best local restaurants or home cooked by my gorgeous wife), we'll ride individually-tailored group adventure routes to the best unmapped trails in Southern Utah, I'll provide in-town shuttle services in my wife's sweet "swagger wagon" (It's a minivan), I'll hook you up with a pre-paired, Scala Packtalk headset to borrow, along with free earbuds for you to keep. Also, I promise unlimited man-hugs... all from a guy with ADD who rides motorcycles (quite slowly) on the internet.


There's also the bond, friendships, and unquantifiable camaraderie that you'll share with the other awesome adventurers. The bad part? There's an audience of over 150,000 dual sport and adventure enthusiasts out there, and only a few slots per rally. So seriously, I'd love to meet YOU.

There is a ton that goes on in the eveRide world to create free content for dual sport and ADV enthusiasts. From designing this website to editing the videos, from the script writer to the untalented noob turning the wrench on cheap used dual sports, all the way to the voice behind the mic... the drone pilot, the tour guide, the social media manager, the maid-service at the Moto Mansion who cleans body hair out of the shower drain, to the poor sucker on the other side of the keyboard feverishly trying to juggle thousands of messages and comments... the force behind everything eveRide isn't a clever marketing team or a high-budget film crew... It's just one guy... me. A former Special Education teacher turned adventure motorcycling media producer and stay-at-home dad. And I'm very literally busting my can to live this crazy dream...

And I LOVE it!

Hi! My name is Tyler... and I wrote this with my toddler on my knee.

If family, dual sport motorcycles, great people, and a grip of adventure weren't involved, it would be a cruel and unusual amount of work. As it stands, it's probably the most amazing way a guy can support a family on this planet!

But no matter how much work this crazy venture requires or how much I love it, none of this would be possible without a few fantastic helpers (you know who you are!) and you. Yup, you... the one reading this. Everide is like PBS: the content will be forever free, but it can't exist without passionate and like-minded moto enthusiasts like you.

There are a few ways to contribute to the "chan-chan", and not all of them involve forking over your hard-earned cash. Seriously, use that money on your own moto parts and for your own adventures before giving it to some shmoe on the internet! 

"If family, dual sport motorcycles, great people, and a grip of adventure weren't involved, it would be a cruel and unusual amount of work."
Monthly Contribution


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