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Do you live in a snow-covered hellscape where your bike sits rotting away idle for more than six months of the year? Do YOU sit rotting away idle for six months of the year?! If so, you might want to store your bike here in the badlands for a quick and convenient shred aboard your very own steed, rather than trucking your bike out for every ride or relying on some clapped out rental.


Why is monthly storage with us so cheap? Well, I want to store your bike for an awesome deal so you're more inclined to come ride with me on rallies in the winter months. Rather than trailer your motorcycle for each rally, it's SO MUCH SIMPLER and more economical to store your bike here during the winter and fly out to ride when the time is right for you. Less travel time. Less gas money. More moto. 


We'll keep your moto nice and cozy in a covered, secure garage, hooked to a battery tender so it's ready to rock when you are. Temps here in St. George rarely get below freezing, so no worries about winterization other than a quick drain of the tank or a top off with some ethanol free jungle juice.


Feel free to send us a message with any questions you might have!

1 Month of Motorcycle Storage at the Moto Mansion

Price Options
Motorcycle Storage
$25.00every month until canceled
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