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Let's get this out of the way right now... this page is ONLY for people who have enough money to take care of their family, take care of their motorcycles, take their own adventures, donate to their community/church/charity, and STILL have enough left over to give to some guy on the internet to make the occasional dual sport adventure video.

Whatever your pledge, I'm extremely grateful for your contribution! I absolutely couldn't do this without you. Don't have the money to pledge? Don't worry! There are other ways to support this crazy venture without sending me a single red cent.

However, if you'd like a few perks, like getting eveRide merchandise at cost, and  huge discounts on Rallies (no matter what you pledge below, or how long you pledge for), this is a good place!

If you'd like to make a monthly contribution via PayPal, just select your contribution amount below and click "Subscribe". If you'd rather contribute directly via Wix/Stripe, select $5, $10, or $20 below. Either way, thank you SO MUCH for your support! After check-out, you'll be directed to a page with all the perks!

**IMPORTANT** If PayPal doesn't redirect you to the perks page, please contact me directly to get access!

You Can Become a Producer with PayPal:

Or Better Yet, Become a Producer Right Here at via Wix/Stripe:

  • eveRide Producer 5

    Every month
  • eveRide Producer 10

    Every month
  • eveRide Producer 20

    Every month

So what are the perks?



      The password to join the members-only Facebook group which includes:

      • Early video releases

      • Behind the scenes videos

      • Exclusive polls that give direction to video series, trips, motorcycle selection, business decisions, and more

      • Personal posts and priority business updates

        • Just a heads up, since 2020 I haven't been very active on Facebook, but the eveRide Executive Producers community is still active! I rarely log on to Facebook, but if you tag me in a post, I'll be there! ​

    • Free stickers delivered to your address upon request

    • eveRide ADV merch available at cost

    • Exclusive eveRide merchandise only for Producers (also at cost)

    • Priority messaging and responses to my private email address

    • Access to Private Film Tours after we've met on a rally. (These are no longer available for non-patrons/non-producers.)

    • Other stuff that I haven't quite figured out yet, but you can suggest as a producer!

  • "Why donate here and not on Patreon?"

    • Patreon has been great, but they take anywhere from 10% - 15% of all patronage! Monthly contributions through PayPal and this site may not be as flashy, but PayPal and Stripe only charge 3% + $.29 per transaction instead of Patreon's 10+%, so more money goes into the creation of original video content.

    • Perks here on are now just as robust as they were on Patreon.

    • I promised my excellent Patrons that their patronage would only fund cinematic videos. This has definitely pushed me to develop as a video creator, which is excellent! However, my channel has lost a personal touch that I greatly miss. In the beginning, I made the videos that made me happy. I got creative. I got weird. I danced in a Batman costume for my wife. I made cinematics, garage videos, motovlogs... I made what I felt like making! Over time, when I was laid off as a special education teacher and this became the primary income for my family, I was shoehorned into making sponsored videos or affiliate videos where I had to sell something to put food on the table. Patreon and my amazing Patrons allowed me to branch out from "sales" videos and create incredible cinematics, which pushed me creatively and professionally. An unintended consequence was the near-total omission of motovlogs, garage videos, raw adventures, and modding videos from my channel. I would love to make those again, along side the cinematic content. A monthly contribution here is ample motivation to diversify my content!

    • A monthly contribution isn't tied to a certain type of video, so a contribution here encourages variety. Monthly contributions are meant to encourage any and all content. Since early 2018, I feel like I only have time to create cinematics, because those are the only videos that I feel comfortable getting paid for. This has resulted in some great videos, but also a very one-note vibe on the eveRide channel... where the best videos I can make have become, in a way, mundane.

    • If you enjoy many different types of videos like motovlogs, lightly edited adventures, garage videos, freestyle reviews, the "old school" eveRide vibe, AND a mix of cinematics, then your monthly contribution will encourage me to take time to make and produce those styles (because while they're certainly easier than cinematics, they still take quite a bit of work.)

    • If you want to support the creation of only my best cinematic videos, Patreon is a better bet.

    • In any case, I am committed to work hard to earn your support! I have a clear understanding that your support is optional and voluntary, and if I don't put forward my best effort, you could and should end your support. If you ever feel like the quality has diminished, or that I am not creating content that you enjoy, I would appreciate it if you let me know, and  I would expect you to reduce/delete your contribution.

  • "Why no $1.00 or $2.50 option?"

    • Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate $1.00 contributions! However, due to PayPal's subscription fee structure, $1 monthly donations are charged at nearly 33%! A better place for $1 and $2.50 donations is Patreon, where you can pledge per-video, or set your pledge to support one video per month.

  • "What if I want to donate more than $50 monthly?"​

    • I sincerely appreciate any pledge, and $50 is above and beyond generous! Thank you! But remember, I'm just a guy on the internet making motorcycle videos. If you have more than $50 to donate monthly, please also consider a fellow content creator, worthy charity, church organization, or someone in need., perhaps?

  • "Why don't you accept one-time contributions?"​

    • ​I do, and I really appreciate them! You can make a one-time contribution at​, but please hear me out and consider breaking your contribution up into monthly contributions either here or on Patreon. Here's why:
    • As it stands, my income is extremely variable every month. Trends, injuries, sickness, personal problems, holidays, family gatherings, and even politics within the ADV community make this a very volatile business for my family, and a single "off month" where YouTube buries my content , or I don't put out enough content, or some other problem may mean that I can't pay the bills some months, while other months I do just fine.
    • In a business landscape with this much volatility, a contribution of $1 for five months provides much more stability than a single contribution of $5. I hope that makes sense. Again, I'm grateful you're even reading this! Let alone considering a contribution to my work!
  • "I represent a company, and I'd like to donate in exchange for my products to be​ featured in eveRide content. Can I sponsor you?"

    • Sure! Check out the Sponsors page for social media stats, promotional details, and terms.

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