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Unfortunately we CAN NOT ship outside of the United States. Please DO NOT order if you live outside of the United States.


If you place an order between February 3rd-11th 2024 please allow more time for shipping as all orders will ship at the earliest, Monday February 12th.


This is the TRIANGULAR version suited for motorcycles with saddle/bucket type seats.


This is real sheepskin, so cuts are approximate and measured at the leather, not the fur. Each sheepskin is slightly different so the measurements will vary. Triangular seat covers are approximately 13" long and 18" wide. (18" base with 15" sides for you pythagorean dudes out there.) Fur length adds about 4 inches to the height and width.


We sized these big so that you could make any cuts/adjustments if you wanted to.


Sheepskin is known far and wide to be RIDICULOUSLY comfortable for motorcycle seats, and is especially excellent for hotter/colder rides. My friend Niel recommended sheepskin after he traveled the length of Africa on a STOCK DRZ400 SEAT! I once described that seat as a "naily two-by-four, covered in flames." I became a believer during my 5000 mile journey down the west coast of the USA on a KLR, and regularly use my sheepskin cover, even on shorter dual sport rides. I always wondered why it actually worked so well while other materials, covers, and pads didn't cut it? I Googled, "Benefits of sheepskin" and found a few reasons to go for the real stuff:

Hollow wool fibers absorb 30% to 35% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet, which keeps your backside cool and dry. This prevents the dreaded "monkey butt", even for more intense (sweaty) rides on dual sports and dirt bikes.

Hollow wool fibers wick moisture away from the body/pants immediately, and dry out seven times faster than synthetics. Air actually moves easier through sheepskin fibers, which will also keep that backside cool and dry.

Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant, so it won't smell, literally, like butt. The lanolin in the fibers has a distinct smell when very wet, but "self cleans" when hung in fresh air.

Sheepskin is hypoallergenic, doesn't create any static (not a good area to get shocked), and is actually flame resistant in case you went overboard on the chilis.

Ounce-for-ounce, it's stronger than the steel your motorcycle is made of. (Seriously!)

Wool won't shed from genuine sheepskin because it's attached to the skin/leather, not woven in.

Resistant to ripping, snags, etc.

Water and heat resistant.

Ridiculously durable. (I've used mine for years now!)

Looks classy! When not in use as a motorcycle seat cover, lay on it to seduce your lover. Then again, it's only about the size of a motorcycle seat... so maybe let your dog/cat/large gerbil do the laying/seducing.

Makes your bike look awesome! Nothing says, "Mad Max" adventurer like a big hunk of furry dead animal.

This top quality sheepskin comes imported from our mates in Australia and New Zealand. It's a byproduct of the food industry, so more of the animal is being put to good use instead of wasted/discarded.



Our seat covers come "naked." We haven't messed with it by putting on straps, buckles, or tie downs. Every bike is different so we leave that to you. I mount mine by simply tucking it under the tank bag in the front, and under a saddlebag strap/bungee cord on the back of the seat. You can also cut/punch 4 holes and use some paracord.


Is this a good deal? Think of it this way... it's just a little more than those famously awful "Coleman" seat covers from Wal Mart, and these actually make your seat feel better, not worse. This is typically what Wal Mart charges for a fake sheepskin rug of this size.


My wife and I are selling these for about half of what other online retailers charge, and shipping is free. Google "sheepskin motorcycle cover" and check prices yourself. This is a product that I feel good about selling because it made a legitimate difference for me and my... ahem... butt problems. When we had the opportunity to get some wholesale imported sheep skins, my wife and I spent a few thousand bucks because the sheepskin cover has literally made long distance riding possible for me again.


Recently we had to raise the price by $3 because our supplier raised their shipping prices.


Please DO NOT ORDER if you live outside of the United States, we won't be able to ship the seat cover to you.

100% Genuine Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover (Trianglular - Natural White Color)


    This is a one-off wholesale liquidation with limited stock, so no returns.

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