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You'll need a password (provided after checkout) to join the group. If you're already a producer and you don't have the password, please contact me.

...or if you're not a Producer yet, please read below and consider joining us!

Get access to the members-only Facebook group reserved for Producers, aka Monthly Contributors, aka Patrons, aka Gentleducers, aka the lifeblood and support of every video and all other content I produce!

I couldn't do this without you! As a producer, your contribution helps keep eveRide content "on the air".  And to make it worth your time and hard-earned cash, I also throw in some awesome perks! Here's what you get as an eveRide Producer: 

  • Access to the members-only Facebook group which includes:

    • Early video releases

    • Behind the scenes videos

    • Exclusive polls that give direction to video series, trips, motorcycle selection, business decisions, and more

    • Priority business updates

  • Free stickers delivered to your address upon request

  • eveRide ADV merchandise available at cost

  • Exclusive eveRide merchandise only for Producers (also at cost)

  • Priority messaging and responses to my private email address

  • 50% Discount on Weekender Rallies & Private Rides

  • 20% discount on coaching from professional racer and coach Skyler Howes

  • Other stuff that I haven't quite figured out yet, but you can suggest as a producer!

If you're not a Producer yet, I'd be massively grateful if you joined us!

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