The Solid rally was created to bridge the gap between the skill-building focus of the Schooling rally and the more difficult Shred rallies. The goal of the "solid" rally is to have a blast and build skills on more difficult terrain, so expect challenging terrain at a mellow pace and a ton of fun! Appropriate motorcycles include street legal dirt bikes and most dual sports 350 lbs and less. Kick-start-only motorcycles are highly discouraged. These rallies include a 10-90 mix of on and off-road riding, so be prepared for moderate to difficult trails. Expect sand, loose rocks, fairly steep climbs and descents, and short whoop sections, all between flowy double and single-track. We're always looking out to make sure everybody in the group is having a great time, so difficulty might be adjusted according to the needs of the group.


RESERVE ONLINE NOW FOR JUST $200! The remainder of payment will be due in cash, check, or via Venmo upon arrival to the rally. 


Remember, "Gentleducers" who contribute monthly on the site get a 50% discount!


Veterans, Military, Police, EMT, Fire, and Teachers, please let us know in the comment section while booking and we'll hook you up with a 50% discount as well.THANK YOU and MUCH LOVE for your service! (Please have Service ID ready when you arrive.)


"Gentleducer", Veterans, Military, Police, EMT, Fire, and Teachers cost: $1,300.00

Reservation cost: $200.00

Cash due on arrival: $1,300.00

Damage Deposit Returned after Rally: -$200.00

Total cost: $1,300.00

(Price does not include motorcycle rental.)


Standard Epic Solid Rally Cost: $2,600.00

Reservation cost: $200 (This will reserve your spot and acts as your damage deposit for the headsets, lodging, tools, etc. This will be refunded in full after the rally when everything is returned in good condition.)

Cash due on arrival: $2,600.00

Damage Deposit Returned after Rally: -$200.00

Total cost: $2,600.00

(Price does not include motorcycle rental.)


What's included in the cost*:

  • Professional Everide Adventure Videography and Photography Services

    • 4k* Aerial, on-ground, and on-the-move footage of your adventures**.

      • *1080p at 60fps will be the default format, but 4k is available upon request.

      • **Please bring a thumb drive, SD card, or other storage device with at least 128gb available to take home your footage. SD cards will be available for purchase.

    • A limited edition eveRide Rally T shirt.

    • 8-way headset communicator rental.

      • Pre-synced and clip-on for a hassle-free experience, so you can communicate with everybody in the group.

    • A pair of earbuds for you to use with the headsets and keep after the rally.

    • All food and drinks (excluding alcohol)

      • Lunches and dinners at Southwest Utah’s best restaurants, the locals' favorite "dives", and incredible home-cooking by Mrs. Everide.

      • All the snacks, coffee, soft drinks, and trail munchies you can handle.

      • As much breakfast food as you want to cook up!


What's not included in the cost, but you get as my personal guest*:

  • Four days of riding to unmapped, local-knowledge trails, tailor-made to the group's riding styles, goals, and preferences... to get the best footage possible of your badlands adventure!

  • 6 free nights at the Moto Mansion, which features:

    • A full, secure garage with a lift, tools, TV, and sound system.

    • A full laundry room with soap, cleaners, and fabric softener.

    • A full kitchen and full-sized fridge stocked with breakfast goodies and the aforementioned snacks.

    • A ridiculously awesome massage chair with hundreds of settings.

    • A six-person 45-jet hot tub spa for relaxing after a gnarly day's ride.

    • A 110" HD Theater screen with a back-up 60 inch 4k TV, 5.1 Surround Sound, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, and thousands of movies via Netflix and Amazon.

    • Three rooms, two with two twins, the other with two full beds and two twin beds on bunks.

    • Memory foam mattresses.

    • Sound machines for noise reduction.

    • A double-headed shower.

    • A refreshing bidet.

    • Amazing views!

    • Please note that you will be sharing a bathroom and bunking with up to 6 other rally attendees. There are three rooms, so we usually have two riders per room.

  • In-town shuttle for groceries, dinners, and miscellaneous shopping trips.

  • Unlimited man hugs from a guy with ADD who rides dual sports slowly on the internet.


The Schedule:

  • Monday: Arrival day. Usually everyone arrives from 4-6pm. Tyler will take you out to eat once everyone is here and discuss riding the next day. Gear check. Payment and Waiver Submission.

  • Tuesday: Start ride around 10 am when it's warmer to ride. Plan on 4-6 hours of riding.

  • Wednesday: Repeat

  • Thursday: Day off to rest and do whatever you'd like to do. Today you're responsible for your own food. Feel free to eat whatever is in the kitchen and fridge but Ty will have the day off. You can go to Zion National Park (1 hour away) or visit beautiful nearby state parks, relax in the hot tub, or massage chair. Most people welcome a day off to recuperate after long tiring days of riding.

  • Friday: Start ride around 10 am when it's warmer to ride. Plan on 4-6 hours of riding.

  • Saturday: Repeat

  • Sunday: Departure day. Most riders leave mid morning.


  • This $200 reservation payment will book your spot at the rally, acts as your damage deposit, gets the T-shirt and earbuds ready for your arrival, and gives you access to the documents you'll need to print and sign to participate in the events. The remaining balance will be due upon arrival. Full payment, along with a printed and signed waiver and gear check-off will be required before events begin. After the rally, if all equipment, tools, etc is returned in good condition, the $200 reservation will be refunded in full.

November 15th-21st 2021 EPIC SOLID RALLY

  • We're so happy that you'd come ride with us! Please make sure you can attend the rally you've booked. Cancelled bookings really hurt our business because in most cases we've already purchased food, shirts, and other materials for your stay. We don't host many rallies, and even then we cap our rallies at just six people, which means a single cancellation not only eliminates a good chunk of our business, but in many cases it also blocks other attendees who may have booked the spot you reserved. For this reason, a 50% refund on this deposit will be given if you have to cancel up to three weeks before the rally. Due to the planning involved, it's nearly impossible to fill a cancelled spot within three weeks of a rally, so refunds on deposits can’t be given for cancellations that occur within three weeks of the rally. Of course there are exceptions, and if you have to cancel due to crazy circumstances we get it and can totally work something out. We hope you understand why these bookings and the associated deposits are important to our business.