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A SPECIAL NOTE: Our friends at the Bureau of Land Management have let us know that we can no longer be paid to guide rides on public/federal land. Therefore, we've had to change the services that we officially offer during our rallies. To be very clear we can no longer offer official guided rides on public lands as part of our rallies.

So will there still be riding? ABSOLUTELY! Our business  has changed from guided touring to a mental health retreat/rally. Please see, "What's included in the cost" to the right.


IMPORTANT: For the enjoyment and safety of all participants, we ask that you please schedule the rally that most closely fits your skill and fitness level.


For this rally, we'll be focusing on riders at a NOVICE-INTERMEDIATE skill level with a FLOW TEST difficulty rating of 2. You should be prepared for four to six hours of intense physical exertion per rally day. Please read below to see if you're a good fit as people usually find the rallies to be much harder than expected:


FLOW TEST Ratings Quick Reference:

1 = Smooth Dirt Road, doable for 95% of riders

2 = Flowy Double Track, 75% of riders can do this

3 = Tough Single Track, doable for approximately 50% of riders

4 = Challenging Hard Enduro, only 25% of riders can do this

5 = Impossible for 95% of riders


Please be familiar with the FLOW TEST difficulty scale by watching the video below:

These rallies include a 20-80 mix of on and off-road riding, so be prepared for moderate trails. You should expect to ride the following terrain:

  • Limited sandy patches

  • Some loose rocks

  • Moderate climbs and descents

  • Short whoop sections

  • Moderate obstacles

  • Double and Singletrack

  • Limited exposure


Appropriate motorcycles include dirt bikes and most dual sports 320 lbs and less. Dual sport motorcycles over this weight are welcome but it will be more difficult. Adventure motorcycles 400lbs and above are not appropriate for Schooling Rallies. Kick-start-only motorcycles are discouraged, but welcome if they are tuned well and start on the first kick at 2500 feet altitude.


Are you a “Repeat Offender” who has already been to a rally? We'd love to have you back! We now offer a 3% stacking discount, up to 30%, for every previous rally you've attended!  Just mention how many rallies you’ve been on when you book and we’ll refund it with your damage deposit after the rally!


You might have noticed that our rallies cost far, FAR less than others, despite having way better amenities, smaller group sizes, and a way more personalized vibe. Why? They're my way of saying THANK YOU to those who serve our communities and country: Veterans, Military, Police, EMT, Fire Fighters, Teachers, Clergy, AND those who support eveRide videos and content with monthly contributions. We lovingly call them our “Executive Producers”, "Gentleducers”, or “Patrons”. Becoming a "producer" is easy and costs as little as  5 bucks a month! Click here.


What if you become a producer, come to a rally, then cancel your monthly payment right after? It's all good! Nice loophole! Of course we aim to give you the raddest experience ever so you'll continue your patronage, but if not... no worries!


The TOTAL UP FRONT COST of an 8 day rally for eveRide Producers, Veterans, Military, Police, EMT, Fire, Clergy, and Teachers is $2,000

Initial payment to reserve today: $1,100 (this includes your reservation and your $200 refundable damage deposit.)

Remainder of payment due upon arrival: $900 (payable via cash or check. Credit card payments upon arrival add an additional $50 processing fee.)

Damage Deposit Returned after Rally: -$200.00

Total cost: $1,800

To be clear, you'll pay $900 reservation + a $200 refundable damage deposit today to book your spot. When you arrive, you'll pay the remaining $900. After the rally, if everything is in good condition, we return your $200 deposit for a grand total of $1,800.


This price does not include motorcycle rental. If you need a bike, we sometimes have bikes available to rent from $150 to $250 per riding day (so you don't pay for the days you don't ride) as well as a $500 refundable damage deposit.


The Schedule for the Eight Day EPIC Rally:

On each rally, there are RALLY days, and REST days.

RALLY DAYS include open wrenching time from 6 am to 12 pm. Depending on the weather, we'll take a break from about noon to 6 pm, when we'll reconvene for a catered dinner. What you do during the break is completely up to you, but most people choose to go on a completely unorganized, unofficial, and unguided ride with the new friends they've met at the rally.


During REST DAYS we encourage you to check out: Zion National Park (1 hour away), the Grand Canyon (2.5 hours away), Bryce Canyon National Park (2.5 hours away), Las Vegas (2 hours away), or visit beautiful nearby state parks, relax in the hot tub, or massage chair. Most people welcome a day off the bike to recuperate after riding. As for meals, feel free to eat whatever is in the kitchen and fridge, but you're responsible for your own food if you’d like to eat out. Tyler and Jessie will have the day off.


  • Sunday: Arrival day. Usually everyone arrives from 4-6pm. We will eat dinner once everyone has arrived. Gear check. Waiver Submission. Collect remaining balances.

  • Monday: RALLY DAY 1.

  • Tuesday: RALLY DAY 2.

  • Wednesday: REST DAY 1.

  • Thursday: RALLY DAY 3.

  • Friday: REST DAY 2.

  • Saturday: RALLY DAY 4.

  • Sunday: Departure day. Check out mid morning.

  • If you need to book extra days either before or after the rally, please contact us or add extra days to your shopping cart.

November 10th-17th 2024 8 Day Schooling Rally

  • We don’t host a ton of rallies, space is limited, and spots can be difficult to fill. So cancellations REALLY hurt our small business.

    On one hand, we get that stuff happens! On the other hand, when rallies are canceled, we lose 100% of that booking’s income. With limited rallies hosted each year, just a few cancellations can devastate our small family business.

    We think it's fair to split the risk of cancellations with the riders. If you cancel your rally, we’ll have to keep both your damage deposit and reservation payment.  We know it's a bummer that you're out half the cost of the rally, but remember, we're out half the cost, too, because you've locked up a spot that is very difficult to fill.

    Here's the good news. If we CAN fill the spot (or if you help us fill the spot) we'll refund 100% of your reservation because hey! No harm, no foul. If the spot remains unfilled, then we're both out of luck. Sound fair? We think so. 

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