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Please note: the initial cost of $1,200 shown here covers the deposit and reservation. The remainder is due when you arrive. See below for details.


Join us for the Riot at the Reef! An incredible Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventure in one of Utah’s most diverse off road landscapes!


The Riot at the Reef is an 8 day dual sport adventure rally, optional experiential leadership training, and mental health retreat in the very heart of Utah. Ride everything from vast desert landscapes to soaring mountain passes in this remote, unspoiled paradise. It features everything from tight slot canyons to wide open mountain meadows, towering red rock monuments to remote mountain lakes, and twisty canyon pavement carves to tight gnarly single track. The best part? We rarely see another soul.


This rally includes moderately difficult trails with a Flow Test rating from 1 to 3. Be prepared to ride the following terrain and overcome the following obstacles:

  • Possible long, sustained sand patches

  • Water crossings that may come up to your fenders and over your boots

  • Sustained areas of loose rocks, "babyheads" and scree, sometimes on slopes

  • Moderate climbs and descents

  • Short whoop sections

  • Moderate rock, log, and drop/incline obstacles

  • Doubletrack and singletrack

  • Limited exposure to heights (we do our best to keep riders comfortable with exposure)

  • Winding, long stretches of paved and dirt roads

  • Prepare for weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, extreme heat, extreme cold, flash flooding, extremely high winds, and other dangerous natural events.

  • Some areas may be impassable and require taking alternate and sometimes unexplored routes, or backtracking


Appropriate motorcycles include plated four stroke dirt bikes, dual sports, and light adventure motorcycles. Motorcycles above 400 lbs are allowed on this rally, but the rally is best experienced on a lighter dual sport inside 250 to 400 lbs. Kick-start-only motorcycles are discouraged, but allowed if they are tuned well and start on the first kick at 2,500 to 11,000 feet altitude.


Your motorcycle MUST be licensed and street legal with a minimum fuel range of 100 miles, run on pump gasoline, and be able to comfortably travel 60 miles per hour for sustained distances. If you are running tubes, we REQUIRE Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes to be installed before the rally. You can get some at Rocky Mountain by clicking this link. As always, motorcycles must be in excellent running condition. Tubeless tires and standard tubes are not allowed. Bib mousses are allowed, but we may be riding long road stretches that could cause malfunctions or premature wear. Neutech Tubliss systems are allowed, but must reliably hold air in both the bladder and tire for at least a week prior to the rally.


Are you a “Repeat Offender” who has already been to an eveRide rally? We'd love to have you back! Repeat Offenders get a 3% stacking discount (up to 30%!) for every previous rally they've attended!  Just mention how many rallies you’ve been on when you book and we’ll refund it with your damage deposit after the rally.


You might have noticed that our rallies cost far, far, FAR less than others, despite having better amenities, smaller group sizes, and a way more personalized vibe. Why? They're our way of saying THANK YOU to those who serve our communities and country with jobs that are often thankless: Veterans, Military, Police, EMT, Fire Fighters, Teachers, Clergy, AND those who support eveRide videos and content with monthly contributions. We lovingly call them our “Executive Producers”, "Gentleducers”, or “Patrons”. Becoming a "producer" is easy and costs as little as a buck a month! Click here. These are the ONLY people who get to come on our rallies!


What if you become a producer, come to a rally, then cancel your monthly payment right after? It's all good! Nice loophole! Of course we aim to give you the raddest experience ever so you'll continue to support the channel and come to more rallies, but if not... no worries.


The TOTAL COST of the 8 day Riot at the Reef is $2,000. That's just $250 per day for all lodging, food, etc! (And yes, that's less than some guides' hourly rates!)

Initial payment to reserve today: $1,200 (this includes your reservation and your $200 refundable damage deposit.)

Remainder of payment due upon arrival: $1,000 (payable via cash or check. Credit card payments upon arrival add an additional $50 processing fee.)

Damage Deposit Returned after Rally: -$200.00

Total cost: $2,000


To be clear, you'll pay $1,000 reservation, plus a $200 damage deposit today to reserve your spot. When you arrive, you'll pay the remaining $1,000. After the rally, if everything is returned in good condition, we return your $200 deposit for a grand total of $2,000.


This price does not include motorcycle rental. If you need a bike, we sometimes have bikes available to rent from $150 to $250 per riding day (so you don't pay for the days you don't ride) as well as a $500 refundable damage deposit.


The Schedule for the 8 Day Riot at the Reef Rally is variable and always specific to the group’s preferences, but generally goes like this:

  • Sunday: Arrival day. Please plan to arrive after 4pm on Sunday. We will provide dinner once everyone has arrived. 

  • Monday: Ride day 1: Plan on 4 to 8 hours of riding and up to 150 miles. Routes will be determined by group needs, weather, and any other limiting factors.

  • Tuesday: Ride day 2.

  • Wednesday: Rest day 1. You are free to explore around the Capitol Reef area, sleep in, go on a hike, or just hang out for the day. Typically riders welcome a day to rest, relax, maintain bikes, and explore the area. Tyler will not be riding this day, but anybody is welcome to ride as much as they like.

  • Thursday: Ride day 3.

  • Friday: Rest day 2. Tyler may not be riding this day. Again, the group is welcome to ride as much as they like on this day.

  • Saturday: Final day of riding.

  • Sunday: Departure day, check out between 10-11 am depending on the accommodations.


Thank you for your interest, and we'd love to ride with you soon!

August 18th-25th 2024 RIOT at the REEF Dual Sport Rally

  • When rallies are canceled, we lose 100% of that booking’s income. With limited rallies hosted each year, just a few cancellations can devastate our small family business.

    We think it's fair to split the risk of cancellations with the riders. If you cancel your rally, we’ll have to keep both your damage deposit and reservation payment.  We know it's a bummer that you're out half the cost of the rally, but remember, we're out half the cost, too, because you've locked up a spot that can be very difficult to fill.

    Here's the good news. If we CAN fill the spot (or if you help us fill the spot) we'll refund 100% of your reservation because hey! No harm, no foul. If the spot remains unfilled, then we're both out of luck. Sound fair? We think so. 

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