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The first post! (More of a test than anything...)

How's it going you guys? This is my first post to the members-only area here on the eveRide stuff... I'd like to transition as many of my awesome, amazing, ridiculously good looking Patrons to here on the site. That reduces fees for me, allows me to be a bit more flexible in the videos I create, and give better perks!

So, to test out the Wix blog functionality, I'm creating this post to see what happens. I'd like to know whether you guys got an email that notified you of a new post. If so, that's GREAT!

I'd also like you to respond with a comment below... try attaching a picture to the comment... that functionality alone makes this a more powerful platform than Patreon.

So go for it! Let me know if this works, and THANK YOU for both being a contributor, and for helping me test this website stuff... it's pretty complicated! With a little help, though, I'm sure I can make it an better user experience which makes communication and perk delivery even better!

Much love!


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Tyler (eveRide)
Tyler (eveRide)
Jan 29, 2018

I'm seeing if this comment works... hopefully it does!

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